We liberate you
from the tech burden

Easy to use

No need to install an app. Works on all devices.

Real time

Update content depending on the context and generate reports instantaneously.


Monitor indicators that matters at any time.


Tailored informations
at the right place 
at the right time
for the right people

A digital Post-It ™

Our technology routes and collects information that is essential for your organization

Multimedia content

Videos, audio files, text, quizz, links to external web pages, 3D, augmented reality, live streaming, etc.

Where you want

On tools, machines, products, packagings, object, signs, etc.

MSJ Demo

Feedbacks and forms

Document and collect precious data: forms, polls, testimonies… even in audio or video format


Decide which click will send an email alert to a supervisor or create a specific activity report


It was a great honour to win the people's choice in the startup category the was a great honor.
We are SUPER enthusiastic!

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MySmartJourney's benefits

  • Easy implementation: we propose a large diversity of forms and shapes of access points. Implementation of the solution is as easy as 1-2-3. The client is autonomous, no need for IT skills.
  • Infinite content updating: the online content management platform routes content to the access points. It enables users to add or to update content by themselves, anytime and an unlimited number of times.
  • A remote content management solution. Content is managed remotely. No need to physically interact with access points.
  • Maintenance free: Access points don’t have batteries. They don’t need any maintenance.
  • Scalable: Our solution works with from one to thousands to access points. It is thus possible to proceed to experimentation at a very low cost.
  • Adaptation to your processes: Our solution can be customized to fit your processes in order to make them more simple and user-friendly. Mastering of the solution is quick and easy. Training is light. Interfaces are intuitive. User experience is enjoyable.
  • Fast implementation: User implements and configurates our solution in record time.

Our clients

They help us grow. We want to thank them.

Let’s talk about your project

Contact our team

Our team of 10 people is spread among our offices located in the downtown areas of Quebec City, Montreal and Lyon.


141 Avenue du Président-Kennedy
Montréal, QC, Canada
H2X 1Y4


246 Rue Aberdeen
Québec, QC, Canada
G1R 2E1


15 Rue du Bâtonnier Jacquier
Lyon, France

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